Thursday, 17 November 2011

Love or Lust

does love at first sight really exist? or is it just a fanticy that we all like to believe in?
as someone who is rarely involeved with anyone and usually has minimal contact with males i have to believe in some form of love at first sight, because if i didnt id have nothing to look forward to in this world of the perfect woman.
how close is to close? what if say we have "jane" and her best friend is "joe" but joe is in a current relationship with "rose" what would you say is joe and jane became very close friends. friends with benifits if you will, they are close, they respect each other, they show a great deal of love towards one another, is it possible tostill continue to be the best of friends once rose has found out of there close-ness, is it safe to say you will still be friends after that problem, or is it human nature to ignore one another and pretend things didnt happen?
what to say of joe and rose becomming one in the act of marriage, would you expcect jane to sit by and watch the love of her life and possiblely her one and only true love give his heart away to a girl who atm of them being Very close was a nothing and just somebody he had to get used to?
gah!! as being jane the friend, id always say to let him go, be his friend and tell him to buy the most beautiful wedding ring and to take her on a honeymoon in the most romantic spot in the world.....but as jane the woman id say fuck her and marry me.
but im guessing you know which one i will choose for the sake of the friendship.

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