Thursday, 17 November 2011

Move it

The Move.
being a city chic, a woman with style, and girl who adores Gucci and COCO channel and of course alexander mcqueen, who adores the beach and walking about in a bikini and showing off to everyone that yes im still looking decent for a girl who occasionally eats the big mac or suddenly pick up and move to a part of the country with no active lifestyle. allthough truthfully speaking, i have no social life tobegin with in the city, i have 2 friends and my family, for i am not really a social person, i get really shy and paranoid when it comes to meeting people for i am always afraid id get hurt again...would moving far away from this lifestyle help me go though my probems of being alone and help me become more of a social person? though the thought of being a country bumpkin/hillbilly scares the hell out of me because i cant leave the house with a good pair of 4inch steve maddens and a handbag ful of every cosmetic known to the human race, and not to meant5ion my wide selection of electrical gadgets. haha. could i really be able to do this?? i know within myself it is possible, for if i can run 1000mts in a race and win with a stuffed up knee i can do anything. ts just the belief that others have in me to do so is very small,which makes me paranoid that im going to have a mental breakdown in the middle of a crop of corn and marry my brother and have millions of freakky babies(hmm ive been watching to much of the simpsons again) haha i really do wonder tho can it work? being out of trouble and being slightly close tomy dream of being in the gold coast. working our way there seems like a good idea, although id miss certin parts of the city now, like the river,the beaches, the amazing shopping centers......aghh  although there is now more of an online world of shopping, like ebay, monsters...and more..

could i really do this? could i really be wanting to move?!?!?!?

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