Thursday, 17 November 2011



haha this is a fun topic.

one of my friends who i still keep in contact with, i had a very long winded and highly anoyying crush on him for roughly 3 years, which was so anoyying because durring that time any guys i dated, i always thought of that one guy.LOL i was cheating in my own mind???
thankgod now that has ended and i just look back on it and think "omg what the fuck was wrong with me" haha and laugh, not to sure yet if he knows but im guessing he does. =] wasnt that hard to see,.

as as your aware its now kinda on the long distant friend whos in a realationship.
ever gone away and met someone AND just wanted to grab them by the collar and pull them into ur hotel room? yeah well that happened, i didnt pull him or anything, nor did we enter a hotel room, i basicaly stayed silent and didnt say anything, i just day dreamed it...


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