Wednesday, 23 November 2011

what do you see in him?

alot of women say that they only date guys because of their personalitly and not there apperence.
is this really true? or do are we just giving up on standered's and giving up on the idea that everyone can find that one hot spunk in the pack of guys to be with.
i admit i once used to be one of those women who said i would only go for guys because of their personality and i would even lie to myself that i didnt care about looks. durring the times when i was dating the guys only for personality i realised when i was kissing them, so forth, i wasnt thinking of them, i was thinking of the guy on a cover of romantic book i saw in the book shop.
a past date recently began to talk to me again after such a very long time, i first thing i had noticed was that according to him he had lost a few kg since we last saw each other, and the only things i could think of was 'eww eww eewwwww' its a bad thing i know, but then after a while of talking to him, not only did i used to ignore the apperence and try not to give a rats ass about how the guy looks, i realised i ignored the personality also, i realised when we were dating i ignored his whole persona, i day dreamed of charatchers in movies and so on...

there it was, i noticed i wasnt looking for a man for his personalitly or his apperence, i was just looking for a man.

All i can think of is thankgod i finally opened my eyes and saw the world for what it really is!!!

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