Thursday, 29 September 2011

Alex Perry Too Fat

Being a Student Photographer, I have a huge interest in fashion, And always trying to make my models look 100%
And within having this huge passion of mine, I Used to Adore The Fashion Designer Alex Perry, But After watching him on a Tv show "Australias next top model" Say About one of the contestents Allissandra Was Too Fat, Being a size 8. Now After that comment ive lost complete Respect for that man. He isnt a thin little shit himself. He is Frankly rude, and he thinks he is "all that" which he is not.

Allissandra Was A Beautiful girl who can work anything, Who had those "Curves" and look drop dead sexy in anything. It was a Huge Loss for the modeling world to kick her off.

Oh and a Shout out to Simone On "Australias next nop model" Your a Stupid Bitch, Your rude, Your think Your beautiful and you aint. Neo Will have more then a carrer then you.
And your only 17 Girl, Grow up and stop being such a Teenage Brat, Its not just me thinking this, Theres a Whole Group That thinks your just a Teenage Brat That Aint Pretty.

Your Loyal Fashionista xx

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