Sunday, 25 September 2011

Men and Women Besties?

Ive been studying two people lately and noticed that the couple whom consider themselves "best friends" show an awful lot of the believed Normal "Relationship" signs, for Example
- The Girl sitting in his lap
- The holding of hands
- What i believed to be sneeky private jokes between them two
- Constant touching of the arms, shoulders and body between then both.

See what i mean? They think they are just friends, Yet they act the very same when they are with there Partners, so What makes the Difference? Neither of them Has ever had sex with there partners, so that cannot be an answer.

when has this relationship gone too far without including Sex? They already know each others intimate secrets, they share everything with each other, they see each other every single day.
is this what we call a Relationship? or are they still "bestfriends" as they call themselves.
I have best friends too, but i dont go and touch my friends, and hold hands with them for every second of everyday.

what do you think?

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