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Makeup Tips

Mini Course - Make-up

Well My Version of a mini course[You dont actually get a Certificate just so you know]
this is just a little infomation on what to do if you have no clue how to wear makeup. Every Woman Deserves to look her best, and wearing makeup wont hide your features(unless you want to), Wearing makeup will Enhance your apperence, If worn correctly. So thanks to my Good Friend Google, whom ive learn many different things from, You too can and will most Likely learn something new.

Apply Makeup Primer

This is one of those secret makeup ingredients that will result in a professional makeup look. It’s like placing a smooth layer over your skin. No makeup artist is without one and you won’t be either once you try it. The best makeup advice is this – try several different primers. There’s a big difference in these products and you need to find the best makeup primer that works for you.

    1. Cover Scars

    Use a high pigment cosmetics concealer and cover scars, acne scars, red discoloration and any dark under eye circles . If you are under the age of 20 then most over the counter products will work for you. If you are dealing with severe discoloration, then a professional product will work better.

    2. Apply Foundation

    Pour a little foundation into the palm of your hands. Apply it with your fingers just like professional makeup artists do. The technique is explained on the makeup application tips page.

    3. Eye Shadow

    Apply your eyeshadow using the tips on how to put on eyeshadow the easy way. You want to apply it for a natural look or a classic look for every day wear. It only takes one brush and a good eyeshadow or makeup palette to get it perfect.

    4. Eyeliner

    Apply eyeliner with the tips on the how top put on eyeliner page. It’s the real method model’s use. Once you know how to do it the easy way it will enable you to go on to use just about any type of eyeliner product out there.

    5. Eyebrows

    Not every woman needs to fill in their eyebrows, but if you do then do it now. Eyebrow kits work great, or you can use matte eyeshadow. The choice is yours.

    6. Mascara

    Apply one coat of mascara and if you want thick beautiful eyelashes then use the technique for applying smudge proof mascara. If you make a mistake don’t worry about it. It’s natural to make mistakes when you are first learning how to put on makeup. If it smears then take a cotton swap dipped in baby oil and remove the dot.

    7. Lipstick

    Line your lips and fill in with a natural lipstick color. Then apply your lip gloss over the product to make your lips look fuller.

    8. Powder

    Using sheer powder sets your makeup so it will last longer. Not all makeup requires this. If you need it, use a mineral veil or a yellow makeup powder.

    9. Blush

    Blush is the last pop of color. The reason it comes last when you are learning how to put on makeup is because this is the one product that many women tend to overdo. You should only need one light swipe of powder blush for daytime wear. Blush is worn over powder unless it is a cream blush. (Cream blush is applied before you powder.) If you find that your blush is too dark, then take your mineral veil and go over the area lightly.

    10. Bronzer – The Optional Step

    The last step in learning how to put on makeup is optional – bronzers. A very light whisk of bronzer looks great on most women. If you are using it, then keep it light for the most natural look.

This Infomation has come from a Very good Website which i suggest if anyone want any sort of help with makeup Go to it:

Brilliant site!! Dont be Shy to take a look.


How To Put On Makeup In 10 Steps

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