Monday, 26 September 2011


Totally in a Bitching Mood at the moment.
My Issus At the moment is with Centerlink. Yes i can hear you all going "oh gosh again" or "i hate them" most of us hate them, we have a right to because there usless!

Im a student, My course is 2years long. i have been applying and looking for work for almost a year, Ive Had many different Job experiences, imn a very good worker if i dont say so myself. but im either to young, too old, to quillifyed, under quillifyed, or not the correct gender. which sucks. but thats life.

Centerlink Refuse to give me any sort of money to help me. studying+living is expencive and i cannot realy on the mother for support.

Im not quite sure what i am meant to do to get any sort of help. Am i to become a drugie? Alcoholic? have a million babies? Rot my teeth? Fake a Disability? LOL

80% of the people i know that get there nice little money packs Dont need it, they already work, they dont study, they already are quite wealthy. Its just not fair...for all the people that really need it...

What is one meant to do? Maybe slicing off my legs and i will get some attention around here...or maybe i will come into the shop Drunk/high and i might get some help??

Im a Clean person, i have perfectly brushed and cleaned hair every single day.
My nails are always perfect(I hate Horrid nails)
My teeth are quite lovely and clean.
I always wear clean clothing so i always look good.

Yet looking good is bad now?? i shall begin a test.

Next time i go into centerlink i am going to go there with abit of messy 2day old hair.(ewww)
I shall leave the brushing for one day. and im going to wear older more used torn clothes, and see what happens.

This will be interesting.

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