Tuesday, 13 March 2012

new love

whats new with me?

well, i am now seeing somebody, my friend, we call each other boyfriend and girlfriend but it still seems odd to say bf/gf, its just odd!!

he is my friend, but i think about him all the time,

he isn't the model type i usually go for, nor is he the strongest or most musclier....but he is perfect....he makes me smile even when i’m bawling my eyes out he still manages to make be smile, he doesn't run away if i cry like the others i’ve dated before.....he was hurt badly tho by his ex gf, she cheated 3 times and she is a sad little whore in my opinion........she didn't deserve him.....their relationship had been dead for a while. but technically they spilt up only a month ago =/

i get scared i’m a re-bound but i’ve been friends with him for couple years now...

more soon xx

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