Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Random thinking again

what does it really mean? what does it take to bring a friendship to something more? is it really possible to be friends after you have gone beyond friendship?
what do we do now? theres always a million questions around this topic of what to do now, and the right answer is there is no right answer, there are different answer's for different people and different situations, no one can for see the future LOL, or Choose how different thing/situations will turn out, What do you think i should do? don t even  bother to ask that because frankly every single person/couple is different!!

Here we go, if for example you are two friends who have gone a little further then just being friends, Is it awkward? does it feel normal or weird? is there anything besides the normal sexual attraction? or do you feel like everything is correct? do you dream and hope to see that person for the rest of your life? are you excited to see that person and to have then just hold you??…..Theres different ways to love people also, Friendship, Couples, Rarely or just like family, can you picture your life without them? how is it? is it just a normal life??

if so then im guessing your not involve! sorry gals….just my opinion of course..

If your do dream about them constantly and have the ideals that you two would be great together wather it be getting married and having children and so on, then you never know it might be the right person for you!

But then again don't be blind sighted by sexual attraction but hunnie it doesn't always work! vie done the while sexy super model dating and it wasn't worth is the guy had no marbles and he was an idiot….aghhh, then again based not ht don't go out and find the ugliest guy out!!!!! he to can be an asshole or a dumb  dumb… be warned that not everyday with great eyes and six pack tells the truth, if he says he is too busy working and he works at maccas and apparently have a 24hr schedule? then im guessing he is LYING PEOPLE!! use common knowledge girls!! 
like seriously….use your brains.

until the next time i have a random thought.


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